The Scurge - born 2000

In the year 2000 of our Lord,(Tony Gubba), Messrs BJH III and the Hood, decided that a life clearing cheese from plates du jour and playing in dull thrash-folk bands was no way to spend the twilight years of their thirties and therefore grasped the bull by the nettle and landed upon the idea of creating an, ever so fun and somewhat tongue in cheek, punk outfit.

It was over a pint at the local that the services of everyones favourite super hero, Captain Marbles, were recruited, followed by that one man band (solo bass act only) Muff, who had retired to Crayford to study beer mats and their bearing on the economy of Latvia. Nevertheless, both chaps saw the potential in creating something that would last for decades if not minutes.

Song titles, music & lyrics flowed following a few glugs of the black stuff. Such classics as; Marbles Up Me Arse, Camembert, Blonde Downstairs and the yet to be finished Grandad's On Fire, oozed with lavatorial humour and cheesy riffs.

The band have appeared on numerous occasions. I saw them once in Brentwood high street, possibly researching for more lyrics, or perhaps collecting a new filter for the Dyson. If you get the chance catch them on tour, they're shite!

N.Parsons LLB hiv